29 Aug

Ever wondered why people pay the big bucks for first and business class? It probably has a little something to do with this:

It could also be somewhat related to this:

OK, I don’t really know what that food actually was. But there was an appetizer after this, followed by a salad, then breadsticks, and finally the meal. There could have been soup, too, but I told the steward that soup would have been just a tad excessive.

One of the best surprises someone can have while traveling is having their plane ticket upgraded. As far as I’m concerned, they should always oversell economy tickets, and always give me business class. It was a train sleeper car, but 30k feet high. The meals were tasty. The booze was free. The seat reclined into a bed. We had individual TV screens with movie, show, and game selections. Talk about a pimpin way to make 11.5 hours pass by.

After that, things got less exciting. I got stuck behind an entire Ethiopian sports team in customs. Then, eventually, after a healthy dose of confusion, I got on the bus to Tianjin with the driver telling me “We’ve all been waiting on YOU.” Yes, that makes sense. The bus was completely full, minus one seat in the very back. Two Muslim girls and their brother quibbled about who should move to make room for me, then we all settled into the uncomfortable half-doze of long bus rides, accented by sharp road bumps and a loud screech from the boy’s iPad whenever he stalled the plane in the flight simulator. Since the rest of the bus was full of your standard Han Chinese types, I felt like we were the reject row. But cool rejects, obviously.

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