04 Sep

Some days just surprise you. Today, I had no classes and was determined to make the best of it, so I decided to hop on a bus and check out the area around the gym I started going to. Three steps out my dorm’s door, my plans were suddenly abandoned and replaced by something… better? A little creepier? I have yet to decide.

Now, I wouldn’t say I’m racist. That’s a really ugly word. But whenever I see someone NOT ethnically Chinese in China, it’s like we have an instant bond. No matter where we come from in the world, we know what it’s like to be different and have to chat for a minute. So that’s why I said hello when I saw a black guy walking by, and before I knew it we were on the bus together, then shopping, and finally hanging out for the afternoon.

Meet my new friend…. stalker… fralker? He’s from Zimbabwe and a senior in college. He’s quite charming, funny, and chivalrous (he held my groceries for me while I shopped, after all!) And then I discovered that he was rather fond of me (given away by the multiple “You are quite beautiful!”s and his hand that was suddenly on my knee.) And THEN I discovered that he’s 39 years old. And oh, by the way, married (the ring should have been a clue… I’m so unobservant.) And his hand was still on my knee. So it was clearly high-time to set some boundaries. Gratefully, my repeated declaration that married men should probably keep their hands and lips to themselves had some effect. It didn’t stop him calling me an hour later “just to say hi,” though.

So potential new stalker. Greeeeat. But what actually IS great, is that I kinda-sorta-in-a-way have a date for tomorrow night. That’s right, a maybe-he-might-not-know-it’s-a-date date. What’s on the agenda, you wonder? Gym, followed by wanderings and foods. He sure does know how to romance girl! Actually, it was all my idea, so I guess I know how to romance a guy? In any case, he’s from Xinjiang, speaks wonderful English (for all those, oh, majority of the times when my Chinese just isn’t cutting it,) and he’s cute, to top it all off. Wish me luck!


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2 responses to “Boys

  1. Danielle Whipple

    September 5, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    Wait, wait, wait, he’s married? After all that aggressive hitting-on he did, I’d tell him to throw away my number, then tell him he needs to call his wife.

    • cornchipmeteor

      September 5, 2012 at 8:34 pm

      Yeah we’re not friends. Something about him being an uber creepster. I wonder why his wife hasn’t left him yet.


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