New things!

14 Sep

So in the shady, can’t-possibly-be-legit contract that I signed for my teaching job (I realize that I still haven’t written a post about my classes… one day soon!), it explicitly states that the school “will provide cooking utensils for free.” Up until yesterday, this statement meant that I had to be creative and cook with a rusted-out wok, some plastic utensils I brought from home, and a children’s bowl I bought for less than a dollar. So every other day I would talk to my building manager, who said that no one told him to buy me anything, and then I would talk to the foreign affairs guy, who told me to talk to the building manager again. Oh, the run-around, how I love thee.

It looked as if I would have to drag these guys to the store and threaten to embarrass them with spontaneous dancing, before they would honor their part of the contract. But wait! I came home one day from a busy morning of classes, and the adorable old lady downstairs showered me with all kinds of kitchen gear. New wok! Bowls! Plates!! ZOMG A NEW HOT PLATE THAT DOESN’T TURN ITSELF OFF EVERY FIVE SECONDS!!!!

All the new things! And they’re all mine! … Until June 30th 2013.

The thing I’m most excited about is the blender. I bought it with my own monies though, because evidently the school doesn’t respect my insatiable need for growing muscles. Here’s the joy of my first China Smoothie.

So there will be many smoothies in future. And pancakes??? I think this hotplate can support pancakes, assuming I can find all of the ingredients. Activate: new shopping quest!

One more new thing that has made me ridiculous happy: a new pimpin’ ride. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. I bought myself a marvelous, 100% authentic, ancient Chinese relic, rusty-as-hell bicycle, complete with front basket for groceries and back rack in case someone wants to hop on. Now, the 30 minute walk to the gym? 10 minutes. The 15 minute walk for groceries? Instantaneous teleport. Or close to it. Check it out.

It has one gear, and it doesn’t take long before my legs are spinning faster than the bike can go. But I’m going to clean her up a bit, apply some TLC in the form of bike grease, and we’ll see if we can’t turn this humble, $12 commuter bike into something go-go Speed Racer himself would envy.

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