It Comes in Pints?!

23 Sep

Hola, inquisitive minds! I just got back from a pretty amazing BBQ buffet in Tianjin. 40 RMB, all you can eat, plus a whole “glass” of beer for 16 RMB. As it turned out, when they say “glass,” they really mean pitcher. Not that I’m complaining.

Anywho, it was dericious, and we’re all massaging our food babies now. I also had my first slightly “happy” bike ride from the subway to my dorm room. Don’t worry, I was well below the legal limit… Actually, I have no idea what the alcohol blood limit in China is. This will be a question for my students tomorrow.

In other news, I decided that I would periodically post workout updates. Since going to the gym is a regular and important part of my life here, I think it’s justified. And it may eventually make me look like a BAMF. For now, I am remarkably average and I’m trying to improve. I will post the most weight/repetitions I did for that day’s major exercise… for legs, it’ll be squats; back, pull-ups and deadlift; chest, dips and bench press. So here’s what happened the few days.

9/20: Pullups, 8x; Deadlift, 165 lbs, 5x

9/21: Chest press, 90 lbs, 5x

9/22: Squat, 160 lbs 5x

9/23: Run, 45 minutes (only because I got lost)

Maybe I’ll do a weekly round-up? Whatever. No one cares. BTW I killed four mosquitoes in my room yesterday. BALLER. At this rate, I’ll only have a dozen new mosquito bites by the end of the week.

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