My, what sparkly skin you have!

12 Oct

Back by popular demand! I’ve been slackin’, I know, but for good reason. Namely, that this week has been terribly boring.  I’ve been doing responsible things, like teaching, and studying for my online classes. So my shenanigans have sadly been kept to a minimum. But here are the highlights from the past week. So here are the (mildly) note-worthy notes of the recent past.

This is a picture of the wall next to my bed. On one fateful day, I killed TEN MOSQUITOES in my room. I guess this is the downside of having a lovely lake-front view. I was seriously considering buying a mosquito net, but the weather cool-down these past few days has also gratefully killed off most of the mosquito population. Hopefully these itchy red monstrosities on my arms will soon be a thing of the past. And I won’t have to clean any more blood off of my walls.

My student gave me about 50 pounds of food from her visit back home to Qingdao. I think I love her. Of course, I made the mistake of telling her that I like seafood… she took that to mean I would like boxes of tiny fishes and fish jerky. I mean, fish can be good and stuff, but they make my dorm smell funny.

I had another fit of “lazy English teacher ” with my post-grads. Some of us played basketball! Emphasis on some of us, since half of the class disappeared back to their dorms “to change,” never to be seen again. And I didn’t so much play basketball, as occasionally dribble and throw the ball in the general direction of the net. Also, I’ve come to the conclusion that Chinese women are incapable of or at the very least unwilling to play any sport other than ping pong and badminton.

The old lady who helps take care of my dorm in the mornings is adorable. She’s pretty much my Chinese mom. She’s always so concerned about how I don’t wear socks or coats (it’s 75 degrees outside, but it’s technically fall so you need to bundle up anyway, I guess). That is a definite Thing here: wearing warm clothes in the fall no matter what the weather is like. Of course, I have a little more insulation than the girls here, so that might explain why I’m always burning up in the classroom and turning the fans on, and the students sneakily turn them off again when I’m not looking.

Last thing, and most important: I discovered that my students can be creative. The activities this week for my oral English classes were all based around the holiday and their experiences. I had them prepare stories about something funny or interesting that happened, but I suggested that if their holidays were boring, that they flex their creative muscles just a little.

In my last class of the week, I jokingly told them that an instantly successful way of making a story more interesting is by throwing vampires, werewolves, and zombies into the mix. Most of the students took that to mean that their stories MUST contain vampires, werewolves, and zombies.

^ Image courtesy

Suddenly, holidays that were actually spent in front of TV were transformed into brilliant epics about wandering in dark, lonely woods and being attacked by monsters that emerge only when the moon is full. Is a mean vampire ruining your vacation? Well, why don’t you eat this blood-congealing medicine and get him off your back! Or what about that awkward moment when you realize zombies are chasing after you, but you can’t run away because your legs are caught in quicksand?

My absolute favorite was the surprising tale of George. He had his heart broken by the woman of his dreams, only to discover his true love (a man) on Mars, where they could be legally married and live happily ever after. LULZ.

It is true, some students were far less creative, and some just outright refused to participate. But to those golden few who went above and beyond the call of duty, I salute you.

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