Lightning Post

02 Nov

I won’t lie to you, nothing ground-breaking has happened this past week. To prove my point, here are the most notable events, in order of importance:

1. My friend and I had the honor of sharing a cab last Friday with the “stable operations manager” from a polo club in Binhai District. No really, I have the business card to prove it. But here’s the question: why do you give someone your business card? Do you really want them to call you? I’m hoping the answer yes. Otherwise, my text will seem really creepy.

2. I voted! OK, I filled out my ballot and still need to scan it in, but I will, guys. Really.

3. I ate lunch with a student the other day, who told me the sad tale of how college majors happen in China. Students make a list of ideal majors, but if the programs are full, they’ll just keep getting slid to the next major, and then the next, until there’s a spot available for them. In this student’s case, that’s how she’s stuck with English, instead of something in math or science. English was pretty much her last choice. This could explain why NO ONE CARES in my classes. That, or I’m a really bad teacher. Hmm…

4. In one of my classes, I went on a 15 minute tirade against Twilight and why it’s the worst book/movie possibly in the history of the world. I criticized what’s-her-name’s piss poor writing style, Bella’s horrible acting, and how the story reinforces this idea that we women are all vacuous princesses in need of some good old-fashioned rescue. After my lengthy spewing of hate, my students then told me how I look a lot like Kristen Stewart. … Thanks? Have you been listening at all? Clearly not.

5. My Chinese mom gave me a sweet potato. I think she loves me.

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