Baijiu and Bribery

11 Dec

Good news: I still have a job!

After all the drama of last week, I still discovered a whopping 5000 RMB in my bank account on Sunday. Which means that this glorious educational institution decided that they didn’t want to find four new foreign teachers over such a little squabble as 550 RMB per month. This has win written all over it.

So I’m not packing my bag to leave the country, wooo! Unless I want to leave temporarily, because Spring Festival is coming. Oh yes, I am ready for a two month long paid vacation. Seriously, this job is pretty baller. 16 teaching hours a week, no office hours, all Chinese holidays paid, no stupid social insurance deduction? Life is good.

 I also discovered that the Monopoly card game is pretty fun, but that I’m not very good at it. This only becomes a problem when the punishment for losing is a shot of baijiu. Again, this would be fine, except I lost four (or was it five?) games in a row. And baijiu tastes so disgusting that I was forced to wash it down with wine and beer. Add it all up, and it makes sense why I threw up all over my toilet when I got back to my room. Baijiu is no joke. It seems that I have to relearn this lesson about liquor potency every once in a while (the last time involved Captain Morgan and Oreos–not pretty the second time around.)

In other news, one of my students called me asking about his class’s final exam. He started talking in English, but switched to Chinese about a sentence in. I told him that we would have the exam in a couple of weeks, but that it would just be a review of what we had already covered in class and that he shouldn’t worry about it. He then proceeded to worry about it very much and insisted that I let him “invite me out to eat” before we have the test.

Oh, China. Who knew that the integrity of a teacher only cost one meal? He thinks that whatever this meal is, and whatever other special gifts he bestows upon me (another foreign teacher here got a 200 RMB bottle of baijiu from a student as a bribe) will ensure that I pass him. Little does he know that I will go out to eat and take the gifts, but grade him exactly the same as I would have done before. That’ll be his lesson in foreign culture–sorry, we don’t all believe that bribery is a legitimate path to success.

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