Warm fuzzies

19 Dec

Quick recap: this job is awesome. It still stupefies me that I’m getting a decent amount of money,  free lodging, 50+ days of paid vacation, and reimbursed airfare in exchange for very little real work. And the fact that I’m able to do this, despite being woefully unqualified for any sort of teaching position, let alone at the university level, makes me feel all kinds of warm fuzzies inside. I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to live here and work for the school year! Because seriously, things like this happen:

A couple of my students needed to skip class one day and gave me not only chocolate, but the best excuse note in the world.


And sometimes, college students say the darndest things. The highlights so far have been things like “I sleep with eight girls in my dormitory” (translation: eight girls share one dorm room. Hello, bunk beds!) and “Last weekend I played with my boyfriend” (no translation needed, haha).

And then, there was the day it snowed last week. I had two classes in the morning, and they were both so ridiculously excited for the snow. So naturally, we had to go out and play in it.

Many snowballs were smashed against students’ heads that day, and I taught some of the girls that it’s much more effective to throw a large ball of snow than a miniscule dust particle of snow. Amidst ninja attacks against other foreign teachers and photo shoots by a rather sad-looking snowman, fun was had by all. Especially since our direct supervisor in the English department called one of the teachers specifically to tell him not to take the students out to play in the snow. And yet, we all did–prohibited fun is even better than normal fun. That’s another great thing about living in China: you can get away with pretty much anything.


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