Sunshine, Vodka, and the End of the Beijing Pix

15 Jan

Glorious readers, the sun is finally shining through after a solid week of gloom and carcinogens. In case you haven’t heard, the Beijing area (including Tianjin) has been wreathed in a cloud of despair for the past several days. Air pollution monitors in Beijing have been literally going off the charts, and it seems everyone is coughing, sneezing, hacking, spitting.. wait, a lot of people here do that regardless of air quality. Still, I hope these beams of sunshine signify that I won’t get lung cancer later in life just from living here.

In other news, the semester is nearly over! Students are busy cramming for tests, and I’m busy… well, busy doing nothing. My tests are all done, so I’ve been able to spend some quality time with my friends Youtube and Facebook. That and get shit-faced last Friday on 38 RMB bottles of vodka. I think we can all agree that cheap liquor is never good liquor.

On a less vomit-inducing note, I went shopping for jeans to replace my pair that has an awkward hole in the crotch… and lo and behold, I found some that fit!

I entered a tiny jeans shop that was advertising 40 RMB jeans (about $7). I naturally ended up with a nice pair of jeans that cost significantly more than 40 RMB, but such is the game. While I was trying on jeans, the 40+ year-old shopkeeper commented on how very 粗 (thick) my legs are. Then, to prove her point, SHE TOOK OFF HER PANTS TO SHOW ME HER LEGS. Um, yes, your legs are much thinner than mine. OK please put your pants back on please. Please.

Anyway, the point of this post is to put up the last of the Beijing pictures from over the New Year’s holiday. I stole (read: borrowed with full consent) my friend Helen’s pictures, so here they are, in all their glory.

These were our adventures at Olympic Park. We frolicked, battled some demons from the past, and were very very cold.

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Our adventures at Beihai Park were a thing of legend. Ice-biking, hockey-watching, temple-praying, and butt-freezing.

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And of course, there was more Chenglish and random awesomeness.

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Finally, here’s a picture of a random girl at the Great Wall. Don’t know why, but I love this.

Climb some annoying stairs, then admire the view. Such is life.

Climb some annoying stairs, then admire the view. Such is life.

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