Flying like a baws

31 Jan


Life is hard on international flights. Free beer and ice cream? I suppose. An empty seat to my right, and the aisle to my left? If I must.

Today marks Part Two of the Grand Spring Festival Adventure. Because of the secret nature of my visit back to the US, I have kept the details of this journey locked away, released only on Facebook. Sometimes it’s convenient having parents who shun some of the finer aspects of the information age.

My time back in Oklahoma was relaxing, but certain aspects of “normal life” didn’t seem so normal. I actually missed eating rice every once in a while, parking lots looked like ugly wasted space, and driving fifteen minutes just to go to the store seemed strange.

But the air was blue, people didn’t smoke everywhere, babies wore diapers, and there was cheese EVERYWHERE.

But enough of the past. Today’s destination: Taipei! I’ll spend aout a week split between there and Hualien, which hosts the supposedly magnificent Taroko Gorge. Next up will be Hong Kong for the new year, then Thailand for two weeks of temples, jungle, and sunburns.

*In my cheesiest announcer voice* It wil
l be an expedition of mysteries and marvels, sensations and surprises. Let us expand our understanding of the world around us, while forging memories that will last a lifetime. Join me, will you?

I leave you with Rosie in the San Francisco airport, posing with my last meal and beer in ‘merica. This is what freedom looks like.


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