Taiwan: <3 u

07 Feb

My love affair with Taiwan continues, despite obstacles and tribulations.

So yesterday I thought it would be a great idea to go to Yangmingshan, a park about an hour out of Taipei by public bus. The weather in Taipei was turning sunny and lovely when I left that morning, so I thought I would be rewarded with views of the city and surrounding area.

Not quite. This is what I got.


Ooh puppies! But really, note the dense fog in the background, and how soaked and miserable those stray darlings look. That’s how I felt as well.


Thank God I brought my raincoat, after a few minutes of debate in my hostel. A gentle drizzle at the beginning of my hike turned into a wind-driven pour as I wandered along. I say wander, because I missed the stop I wanted on the park shuttle bus and tried to find my way to Qixing Mountain another way. I wasn’t LOST, I just didn’t know where I was. There’s a difference, right?

In any case, I found a volcanic vent thing that I could hear but not see because of the fog. And at that point, drenched and sad, I returned back to Taipei.

Note to self: check the weather a little more thoroughly before going for a hike.

Despite the rough start to the day, it ended quite nicely. I met up with some marvelous friends to go robot-shopping in the Ximen area. Sadly, no robots were procured that day, but I did find an awesome pair of shorts for less than $20. Yay not wearing the same shorts every day! And luckily, my ego is no longer bruised when I have to buy XL pants. I’m over it.

Also, I finally experienced my first sushi conveyor belt restaurant. It was everything I wanted it to be. But please take note: dunking chocolate cake into wasabi and soy sauce is never recommended.


The food comes to you! The ultimate in lazy.

So with reluctance I leave Taiwan to head to Hong Kong. Believe you me, if I could transfer my teaching contract in Tianjin to Taipei, I would do it in a heartbeat. I can’t wait until fate brings me back to this wonderful island.

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