Hong Kong: No peace for the traveling

09 Feb

Hong Kong is… loud? Hectic? Bewildering? I definitely haven’t been here long enough to figure this place out.

So I arrived two nights ago and went up to the rooftop patio (yesssss!!) I immediately met a group of friends from all over the place that knew each other from teaching English in Korea. While I was definitely the outsider, they were so funny, and were obviously well on their way to having a great night (it was the almost empty bottle of rum that gave them away), I couldn’t help but stick with them.

We got Malaysian food (indistinguishable from Indian food, as far as my uncultured palate could tell), then checked out a bar with sassy salsa music blaring. The bar’s claim-to-fame is a barber chair, in which you lay back and have the bartender pour tequila and triple-sec down your throat. Not very glamorous, but memorable.


The sombreros were just icing on the proverbial cake.

The next morning was hangover city, but I wandered out with two English teachers, one in Vietnam and the other in Beijing, and a marvelous Austrian girl who has lived in Thailand for the past 8-odd years. We perused Hong Kong park and its tea museum, finding the waste bins just a tad offensive.


Next up was the neighborhood of TST, where we soaked in the overabundance of food, shopping, Indian men selling watches, and a dragon dancing bonanza.


Ooh fire!

That night I met up with the Korean English teachers again, and we caught the ferry across the bay to watch the Symphony of Lights, a showcase of Hong Kong’s incredible lit skyline.


A pretty shitty picture, but you get the idea.

Just adjacent to the ferry pier is the Avenue of Stars. One of the teachers is a Bruce Lee fanatic, so needless to say he flipped out when he saw the Bruce Lee statue. Posing, shirt-shedding, and a battle-cry was all it took for all the Hong Kongers around to take his picture and make him into a local legend. Or the latest manifestation of crazy Western tourists.

So Hong Kong is intriguing, but it doesn’t seem to have the same charm as other Asian cities I’ve visited. Maybe it’s just its never-ending hustle n bustle that is turning me off. Or maybe I just need to escape downtown and find some comparative quiet?

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