Bangkok: bargains and booty

13 Feb

Sweat everywhere.

This is the new reality, having left Hong Kong for Bangkok two days ago. While I appreciate the sunshine, the constant trickle of sweat down my back is just slightly disgusting.

I was expecting more culture shock, but Bangkok so far doesn’t seem any crazier than other Asian cities I’ve seen. Sure, you see your life flashing before your eyes while crossing the road, and street food is both a wonderful and potentially dangerous experience, but that’s all pretty standard in this part of the world.

But back to that street food thing. Um, delicious! I tried eating this for lunch yesterday.


I have no clue what it is, but it was so spicy that I had to raid my hostel’s fridge and find some slightly moldy rice leftovers to tone down the ridiculous hotness.

Bagged salad, coconut jello, sweet coconut rice with mangos, and these adorable little pancakes with various sweet things inside. If the food keeps being this good, and cheap, I will get fat here. Gloriously fat.


In other news, my friend Helen is now here, and we began our Thai adventures with some exchange of money for material goods.

Recycled magazine bracelets, cute elephant straw figurines, and silly T-shirts. All for very cheap, and little bargaining required! A shopper’s paradise.

Later that night, Helen, one of our roommates, and I headed out to see a little bit of Bangkok nightlife. Out of sheer curiosity, we chose one of the, um, more colorful sections of town, Soi Cowboy.


Neon lights, live music, and prostitutes everywhere. Needless to say, we weren’t too keen on that scene, so we camped out at one of the more chill establishments and watched the insanity around us. Luckily, our waitress was friendly and probably overjoyed to have some people who weren’t creepy old men to talk to.

It was an experience… a really sad experience, to see all of these girls who have been forced from one bad choice to the next. This is a side of Bangkok, but thankfully there is much, much more! Despite what this massage sign suggests.


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