Bangkok: Happenstance and Temples

16 Feb

When the stars align, it’s a beautiful thing.

So Ting Ting, a Chinese friend of Helen’s and mine, is travelling in Thailand as well with a friend of hers. To this point, any attempt at making contact has been fruitless. Until fate brought us together on the BTS Thursday morning.

No joke, Helen and I were getting off the train to the ferry station, when we heard “HELEN!!!” Ting Ting was standing on the train, at the door we were just stepping out of. Out of all of Bangkok, all of the BTS trains, all of the times she could have been taking it, and all the cars she could have been in, she was there with us! How random is that?

So we all adventured together down the river, looking at temples and causing trouble. We saw some pretty stunning stuff. Like Helen’s butt sticking out of her fancy rented skirt.


We also saw some amazing architecture.


This is the temple of dawn, which features some monstrously huge stairs and commanding views of the river. Hey look, a building with cool stuff in the background!


Next up was a temple next to the Grand Palace that we didn’t have time for the day before. It’s home to the biggest reclining Buddha in the whole world! Nbd.


I'm sexy and I know it.

Lots of people everywhere, with a seemingly spontaneous (dangerous?) string of fireworks exploding to celebrate the new year.


Run for your lives!

By the time we sight-saw, ate some Indian food, bought things, and found the ferry pier, the last boat for the night had already left. But never fear, a tuk tuk driver is never far. He gave us the reasonable price of 200 baht total to get us to the nearest metro station. Not bad for four people. And at night, out of the heat of the day, a ride in the back of a tuk tuk is quite refreshing.


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