Back to the Middle Kingdom

06 Mar
Back to the Middle Kingdom

Well, dear readers, I have been back in China for a week now. I haven’t blogged up to this point, because quite frankly, being back in Tianjin isn’t quite as exciting as all of my travels. It’s not bad, but it’s no Thailand, ya dig?

I knew for certain I was back in China, because this was the view that greeted me from my apartment window last week.

Mmm, breathe deep.

Mmm, breathe deep.

Next, note the lack of anything resembling a line while boarding the train from Beijing to Tianjin.

A gaggle is like a line, right?

A gaggle is like a line, right?

Despite the lack of clean air and common courtesy, I celebrated my 25th birthday last Friday! *ushers in a kazoo band* On the same day, I may have found my new favorite coffee shop in Tianjin, Perfect Day Cafe. They have cinnamon, guys. CINNAMON. Better yet, getting to this coffee shop is slightly shady. You go up a flight of spiraling stairs, walk down a dark, twisting hallway, pass the “Ladys Market,” and then finally, thank the heavens, you’re there. Good coffee, beer, chill atmosphere, and… Mexican food? I’m in.

I'm guessing they sell... shoes?

I’m guessing they sell… shoes?

Between finding Perfect Day Cafe, going to the cheapest clothing market I’ve ever seen in China, and finally seeing “The Hobbit,” it’s been pretty solid since my return. Check out these incredible 3D glasses/ski goggles.

Fashion Divas.

Fashion Divas.

Things on the school front haven’t been so peachy. Work has a funny way of messing it all up. Last semester, I didn’t take attendance for my post-graduate oral English courses. Not even once. So when I failed a few students for sucking at English and never coming to class, my supervisors naturally wanted some evidence that these students never attended class. Right… about that. So they weren’t too happy with me about that one, and I like to think that I’ve learned a valuable lesson. Teaching in China may be ridiculously easy, but I should at least go through the motions of caring.

Now to give you something to look forward to, here are some future posts coming out soon:

Bad English: Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand editions

Rosie the Riveter: World Traveler


So stay tuned!

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