We Can Do It: Part 1

12 Mar

As some of my previous posts have illustrated, Rosie the Riveter was my faithful travel companion whilst exploring the lands of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand over the past couple of months. Through thick and thin, she never game me up, never let me down, never ran around and deserted me. I think this may be luv.

Some quick background, I have been friends with this particular Rosie action figure for the past nine years. We became acquainted in my friend’s minivan after a tough day of high school. Since then, Rosie moved into the luxurious interior of my 1992 Subara Legacy Wonder Wagon, where she and the dashboard became quite inseparable. No really, I glued her feet to the dashboard. She made my granny driving seem somehow more… liberated.

Then she migrated to sitting in the center console of my 2008 Subara Impreza Wonder Wagon II, and would have been resigned to an endless stream of daily commutes and occasional cross-country road trips, if I hadn’t enabled her to break free from her mundane life.

So now, Rosie and I are dedicated travel companions. While she has traveled across the US and even ventured into Canada, this was her first cross-continental journey. So, without further ado, here are the best of her travel photos. As I spend the next few months in Tianjin, then continue on with some more travel adventures, there will certainly be more photographic evidence of Rosie’s experiences abroad!





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