Spring, Face Stuffings, and Uncivilized Behavior

19 Apr

Spring is here! Students congregate around the only pretty place at my school and admire the five or so goldfish in the pond. Flowers, tree buds, and enough pollen to make my nose run. Ahhh, spring!

Notice all the winter coats... despite temperatures pushing 70 degrees F.

Notice all the winter coats… despite temperatures pushing 70 degrees F.

This week I made the hour-plus trip out to Tianjin Normal University to sit in on my friend’s classes and throw in comments when appropriate (and especially when inappropriate). Since she was covering dating, I was able to share my abundant experience and knowledge, which oddly sounded like they came straight from romantic comedies. Probably because they did. Also, there was a fare bit of lazing around the university’s pond, which is bigger and better than my school’s. Look at the beautiful view! I love gazing at apartments.

Nothing is more romantic than this.

Nothing is more romantic than this.

There have been many exciting foods these past several days, including 京酱肉丝,which is a Beijing meat thing in a tasty sauce that you roll up in tofu skin to eat. As a side note, China has a huge variety of tofu, and it’s all good.

My student Summer showing me how it's done.

My student Summer showing me how it’s done.

Then, in random wanderings around the city, we found an Egyptian restaurant. Since it seemed we were the owner’s only customers for the night, he hooked us up with a three-course meal of amazingness. Hummus, salad, falafel, cookies, tea, and a lamb/rice thing that you eat with your hands? Yes please!

So many delicious things, all for about $10 per person.

So many delicious things, all for about $10 per person.

Past consuming delicious foods, we also painted the town red (communist red, mind you) when a group of Chinese folks invited us out to Top Club, a club that doesn’t exactly attract a foreigner crowd. My friend and I walked in as the only foreigners around and started a dance party on the empty stage. You’re welcome, Top Club.

In a taxi ride literally to the other side of the city to fetch our new dancing buddy’s car, my friend stuck her head out the window for about twenty minutes. One of the Chinese guys freaked out and said it was very unsafe for her to do this, but a few minutes later he gave it a try and decided it wasn’t so dangerous after all.

When we saw a lion statue right next to their car, obviously we had to climb it. The same Chinese guy said it was “very uncivilized,” but then he climbed the statue too when he saw how much fun being “uncivilized” could be. Sometimes people just need a little nudge to have a good time.

Bringing uncivilized back.

Gaze into the glowing eyes of uncivilizedness.

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