Greetings, reader. You have stumbled upon yet another travel blog, written by some girl who doesn’t know what to do with her life. How very original! But hopefully you can gather some joy from the laughter, the tears, and sneezes of this girl. Gratefully, she doesn’t always write about herself in third person.

I am spending 10 glorious months in Tianjin, China as an English teacher at Tianjin University of Science and Education. How did this come to pass? Well, I needed work when my 6-year contract with the Air Force finally ended (YES!!) My limited Chinese skillz could also come in handy over here. And perhaps most of all, I needed a little space for some down-and-dirty introspection. Nothing like traveling thousands of miles by yourself to help you figure out who you are!

So, dear reader, thank you for joining me on this great (mis)adventure in China. And remember, if you ever start feeling discouraged, remember the Chinese saying 加油! (jia you, or add fuel to the fire.) This works especially well if you are having second thoughts about burning someone’s house down. Just buck up and yell 加油!


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